Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Special Thanks to Midwest Scuba Q

BBQ Folks are truly a sharing and helpful bunch. We knew we were going to be without electricity at the upcoming Lenexa contest, and thought we might need to use a generator for an hour here or there over the coming weekend.

Not finding a decent rate on a weekend rental, we put some feelers out, and Ryan from the Midwest Scuba Q team came through for us even though he had never even met us. As a matter of fact, due to schedules that we couldn't get to line up (and a major wreck on I-435 that tied traffic up for 45 minutes), I ended up getting the generator from him, filling it with gas, and returning it to him without ever even meeting him myself.

Regardless, a big shout out to Ryan and the Midwest Scuba Q team, hope to run into you at a contest sometime soon.