Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Patron Saint of BBQ

Taking the week off because after experiencing the Great Lenexa BBQ, (where else can you beat 180 other compeitors and your prize is an honorable mention ribbon) we needed a week off.

A portion of the team is currently in the San Francisco bay area for a few days to attend a wedding this weekend. Yesterday was spent in China Town looking at all the valuable items in the markets and on the streets. While digging through one such store, we stumbled upon what could be the missing link to BBQ success: The Patron Saint of Butchers, Saint Adrian, in mini figurine form with prayer card. (Picture to the right).

"Most holy St. Adrian, I ask that you guide my knife as I deftly cut the tender flesh of animals that have been sacrificed to provide sustanance for mankind. I also ask that you bless all of my meat with superior flavor and texture and protect it from disease and contamination. Amen"I am sure this will put us over the top in the next contest.

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